Eighth [Month] Wonder of the World

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So, maybe I'm not the eighth world wonder, but to many, I appear to be the eighth month wonder. Yes indeedy, we are well into the eighth month of pregnancy - which, to many people, lends the encouraging sound of "getting close!" to the due date. However, that all changes when you put it in terms of weeks (about 5 to go) and sounds even more distant when you actually tell them the estimated date of baby's arrival: July 15th. Well, good lord, that's after July 4th - which we all know is the "middle of summer" and since summer is just barely beginning, she still has half the summer to wait for this watermelon of a baby to arrive!
That is at least my theory of what must spring through people's minds when they contemplate their calendar against the sight before them: my ginormous belly. To which they then respond with their gasps, their disbelief, and their downright boisterous predictions of either a) why I am so huge [Surely, I am carrying twins and don't know it.] b) when my baby will actually be born [Certainly this is my last stop before the hospital, right?] or c) continue on in telling me their own blood curdling tale of someone they've known who birthed an 11lb+ baby somewhere in the world [You don't come back from that one].
Let me explain my internal thought, which is almost always the same everytime: "Thank you. Are you serious?" That's about it.
I'm always glad when someone asks me about my pregnancy or baby, it is simply one of my favorite subjects, after all. And, I truly don't mind [or perhaps have become numb to] the "big" comments - I love how I look when I'm pregnant and I had very similar experiences when carrying my first baby and to be honest, pregnancy has done nothing but improve my self-esteem and appreciation for what my body has been created to do! But what continues to shock me, nearly every day, is the absolute lack of filter on what people have to say. (For the record, yes, the story is true that a lady actually pulled her car over and waved me over just to tell me how huge and uncomfortable I look while walking and that there is no way I'll last another five weeks. I mean, that is some EFFORT, lady!)
Pregnancy somehow has this superpower over people that completely eliminates the barrier for tact. It's like the belly creates a force field upon which people have no control over what comes out of their mouths. I'm not sure which is worse - blaming the belly for this "force field" theory I have, or admitting that I'm bringing a child into a world where stupid people abound.
The truth is, they are not all together wrong. In this wondrous eighth month of pregnancy, I have actually "measured ahead" an entire month. That means that my 30 week belly felt like a 34 week belly, and my 34 week belly felt like a 38 week belly and so forth. No wonder my back hurts! But, I am happy to report that as of yesterday, baby girl #2 is nearly back on track - only measuring about 1 week ahead of schedule! So - I hope you got it out of your systems, oh strangers-who-must-comment-on-my-size (I'm not counting on it). I'm nearing the "normal" range! :)
While people are placing their bets on how early I pop, I'm not setting myself up for any early evictions. This girl has a lease on this mama for a good 5 more weeks and come rain or shine or swollen ankles, she is welcome to come whenever she is darn good and ready (though prayers for a less than 11lb baby would be appreciated!)
While there are days I am certain this girl has 8 knees and 10 elbows in there...I know she doesn't have a calendar. We're on the home stretch, baby, let's do this!
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