For All Maternity: A Word from the Author

Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm so excited about the new book, I wanted to tell you all about it myself!

Remember that Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th!  The book also makes a great baby shower gift!

Buy it on Amazon, and be sure to contact me so I can send you a personalized bookplate to stick in the book, turning it into an "officially autographed" copy!

For All Maternity Book Release!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Today is the day!  For All Maternity is available to buy, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you all!

Purchase your copy today - available at the following links:

If you'd like your copy signed by yours truly, CONTACT ME HERE and I will happily ship you an autographed bookplate absolutely free!  (Please include your mailing address and any information about personalization in the message field.)

In For All Maternity, I hope to encourage expectant couples, new moms, and those considering parenthood to ask the hard questions while humorously sharing my own tumultuous journey into motherhood. From sitting awkwardly in marriage counseling to learning how to breast-pump in the middle of the workday, my bumpy road to motherhood encounters lessons about body image, boundaries, and belief in a God who is more trustworthy than any baby manual around.

Be sure and write an Amazon review and add the book to your Goodreads list!  Thanks for all your support in helping me celebrate and get the word out on this exciting venture!

Not Every Day

Monday, April 27, 2015

Book.  Masters degree.  Baby.

2015 is a big year, to say the least.  I sometimes wonder if I will ever top it, and then I secretly hope I never do...because, guys, it's ridiculous and exhausting.

But, it's not every day that you get a box on your doorstep filled with a dream come true.

Today, I hold in my hands the compilation of a million feelings.  It's a tangible representation of so much for me - hopes, fears, pride, anguish, joy, and the support of countless people I'm forever indebted to for praying for me, believing in me, and cheering me on to the very end.

The best part?  Even though I wrote the last word of this book months and months ago, it's about to be launched into the great unknown for the first time ever!  New eyes, fresh minds, and eager hearts will soon get to dive into the wild frontier of my brain through this paperbound edition of my sweat and tears!


For All Maternity will be available via all major online bookstores, including AMAZON, starting May 1st!  

*For those in the Nashville area, you'll want to mark your calendars for Saturday, May 9th and come on out to Pottery Barn Kids at the Green Hills Mall from 11:30am - 3pm where I'll be holding my very first book signing!  I'd love to take a pic with you, and be sure and sign up for the giveaway in the store!

*For readers in Kansas (my home state!) I'll be having a hometown book signing event at BlueBird Books in downtown Hutchinson, Kansas at 11am on May 16th!  I hope to see many familiar faces and hug those that I'm long overdue to catch up with!

*For everyone else - DON'T WORRY!  You won't miss out on all the fun!  I'll be holding giveaways right HERE on the blog soon enough.  I'll also be offering FREE AUTOGRAPHED BOOKPLATES to anyone interested so you can turn your ordered book into an official "signed copy"no matter where you live!

Starting Friday, order your copies of For All Maternity via Amazon or other online retail source, and then email me at with specifications on personalization and your shipping address so I can send a customized bookplate your way!

Verses For a Taxing Day

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's been a taxing day.  And I'm not talking W-4's and 1099's.

My girls (3 and 5) are just fighting.  Fighting allergies.  Fighting frustrations.  Fighting each other.  And fighting the plague of impatience that seems to have settled upon our house lately.

If you have (or used to have) little ones, you get how intolerably frustrating the sounds of whining, bickering, and demanding can be.  The incessant "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom..." echoes through my ears like a fire alarm that won't quit (and whose batteries you hope die out before you smash it to smithereens).

My sleep is constantly disturbed.  The to-do list keeps growing.  The rain won't stop long enough to reprieve our cabin fever.  The noise-level in the home is having a contest with my blood pressure to see which one sky rockets faster. You get the picture?

Needless to say, we all have our moments where we wake up and just think "This is the life I chose and love...but, I just can't quite remember why at this very moment!"

Take a deep breath with me if you can relate.  Exhale.  I don't know about you, but I need a big mid-month dose of PEACE right about now.  I need me a serious gulp of PERSEVERANCE followed by a chaser of HOPE.

Drink up the truth.  Throw it back like a crazy lady who lives in the reckless abandon of a Sovereign Savior who's got this nutty world in the palm of His hand.  Join me in throwing my arms up in the air and letting Christ have the last word on WHY I'm in this time and place and how it makes a difference.

I hope you read the verses in this post and feel soothed, energized, encouraged, and restored.  I hope you remember you are so not alone!  Taxing days come and go.  We may not always get all the sleep we need.  We may not always get the to-do list completed.  But we can always rest knowing He's got it under control.

Maybe you don't have toddlers screaming in your face.  Maybe you have far deeper struggles than you know what to do with.  We've all got taxes to pay for the life that we lead.

But, no matter if you're tackling a laundry pile or a mountain of strife, HE CARES.

I leave you today with this prayer from the book "Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow:
God, you know my feelings are going haywire; they scream and shout that this situation is terrible and that there is no hope.  God, I hope in You.  I can't see what You are doing, but I trust that You're working this situation together for good.  Thank You that You have promised to use it to make me more liek Christ.  Thi sis what I want - it just doesn't feel good today.  Give me the strength to focus my eyes on you and not on what I can see.
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