It's so lovely to meet you!

I can't thank you enough for stopping by - and I hope you'll stick around.  I started this blog years ago while I was bored at work, sitting in a cubicle, avoiding tasks and drinking too much coffee.  Well, I still drink too much coffee, but a LOT has changed since then.  I had no idea what God wanted me to write about when I started tapping out my feelings online back then.  And, here I am, more challenged and transparent than ever, reaching out and trying to connect with those who experience so many of the same ups and downs.  

I'm a writer.  Obvs.  I love words, I love silliness, I love talking and singing and just about any sort of communication...I'm a fan.  I am prayerful that the words I speak and type reflect truth, even if that truth gets ugly sometimes.  I hope that the words you find here uplift you, validate you, and encourage you to seek truth and meaning in your own life.  I LOVE feedback and hearing stories, so never hesitate to comment or contact me, I promise to read whatever you send my way and do my best to get back to you.

I'm a wife.  My Josh is a heck-of-a-catch and I want to be the kind of wife that truly tries to appreciate him each and every day (the man does dishes for heaven's sake)!  After 8ish years of marriage and two kids, we have just about mastered the art of multi-tasking.  We chat theology over changing diapers, we drink wine with frozen pizza, and we can sing every word of "Frozen" with pride.  We are TEAM PARDY and believe we are so much more together than we ever could be apart.    

I'm a mama.  I have three little girls.  The oldest two are just 20-months apart (yes, that's mom-talk for VERY CLOSE TOGETHER/what-were-we-thinking?)  Matilda and Daphne are the greatest loves/challenges of my life. Baby Vivian was born on her daddy's birthday, August 16, 2015.  They are the paradox that keeps me weeping and waning into the arms of Jesus, asking questions like "How can someone so small and cute be so loud and frustrating?" or  "Why do I want to strangle someone I would die for?"  Motherhood is strangest, most wonderful gift/affliction I could ever experience.  It has taken me emotionally higher and lower than I ever thought possible, and I'm here to tell you ALL about it and remind you that you're not alone.  

I'm a counselor.  I have my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy.  Yep - I'm a shrink, and I want to extinguish the stigma that therapy is for people "with problems".  Do you know anyone who doesn't have problems?  (Cause I would sure like to meet them!)  I'm confidently vulnerable in my exposure of what true therapy is, and I want to dispel myths about it that might have you wondering what it's really all about.  Having been on "both sides of the sofa" I hope to offer you an inside look to the insecurities that surround therapy and bring clarity and encouragement to those willing to take a step towards growth.  

I'm a mess.  I'm an over-caffienated, over-commited, over-thinking gal who is trying to find the difference between just surviving and truly living.  I love Jesus with all my heart.  The more I focus on Him, how He lived and treated others, how He humbled Himself to the point of a gruesome human death so that I was provided a way to be saved from myself...well, it's my one hope for sanity in this world.  Knowing Jesus changes me.  Knowing Him makes me look at laundry differently (purpose!) not to mention the rest of this crazy, complex world we all live in.  He doesn't just offer sense, He offers HOPE, and I love to write about how that hope shows up in my life again and again.

Thanks again for visiting.  Pour another cup of coffee and stay a spell, won't you?  
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