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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm excited to experience my very first for real Mother's Day this weekend! I say "for real" because last year I was also a mother - but this year, my baby is not growing inside my belly - she is here, kicking and screaming and jovial as can be! I can actually kiss her face and reciprocate all the smiles she gives me all day long. Yay for Mother's Day!

I have longed to be in the mom club for a long time! No longer will I feel the pressure of "When are you going to have a baby?" or the longing of "When will it be my turn, God?" (If you are in either of those categories I SO sympathize with you!)

Nope, now I have officially joined the club where I get to hear things like "Is she sleeping through the night?" and "Now, you'll learn what you put your own mother through." Haha. Just kidding. Now I get to hear, "Happy Mother's Day!" What a sweet sound to my ears!

Remember the days of picking out a corsage for your mother to wear on Sunday morning to church? We used to. Remember trying to make breakfast in bed for your mom, but all you knew how to make was toast? Those are the good old days! Mother's Day, like many other holidays, has continued to get increasingly commercialized. Now you see jewelry and card commercials, guilt-tripping you (ironic) into making sure you get in touch with one who birthed you, raised you, or at least helped you along in life in some way. (It's true - there is genuinely a "Like a Mother" category at Hallmark.)

I'll get to spend my first Mother's Day with my mother! We are flying to Kansas for the weekend! It's just a quick trip - just long enough to introduce Matilda to as many people as I can in the few days we are there...most importantly her great-grandparents! I'm so excited for them to finally get to meet her. I never knew my great-grandparents, so it will be a special time for the four generations to gather and rejoice in God's blessing on our family down through the years.

I'm also excited to show Matilda the family farm. I know, I know, she won't quite grasp where she is or what's happening - but we will have the pictures to show her, and hopefully it will be a place she will grow to love and know well as she gets older. The farm has been in our family for nearly 114 years and I can't wait to tell Matilda about her farming heritage. I think it's awesome that I can one day tell her overly exaggerated stories of getting up at the crack of dawn to drive the wheat truck for harvest (this is obviously untrue since the wheat is too moist to cut that early in the morning - see! I'm a real farm girl! I know stuff!) or how I learned to drive at the age of 13 since I got a farm permit at 14 (okay, that is actually true - scary!)

So...three clicks of my heels (I wish) and we'll be in Kansas! Every mother out there - celebrate! It's not every day you get a day all about yourself and you don't have to turn a year older!

Happy Mother's Day, moms!

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