Big Girls Don't Cry (They Buy Bigger Pants)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is the statute of limitations on wishing everyone a Happy New Year? Well, I'll admit I haven't blogged in a while - I was on somewhat of a "headache hiatus". This pregnancy struck me with a three-week-plus headache that simply did not allow my brain to function at a capacity I felt willing to subject you to via blogging. Things seem to be looking up, however, as we enter into the second trimester, ready to embrace the promises of "less aches, more energy" that all the books and websites suggest for the next few months.
Another thing I am fully embracing: big girl pants. I am exclusively in maternity outfits now, or at least greatly-modified-regular-wear...and loving it. There are really several advantages to wearing maternity pants, even apart from the comfort. You don't have to worry about "muffin top". You don't have to worry about accidentally leaving your fly down. You don't have to wish you could change into pajama pants all day since that lovely elasti-band is basically just as comfortable anyway. Yup, I'm all for it. I wish normal pants could take a page out of the maternity fashion book and incorporate a spanx-like-smoothing top to all the pants I already own. Am I crazy here? Who's with me?
The other funny thing that I'm noticing "this time around" is people's lack of surprise when it comes to me and my ever-growing-abdomen. That is, when I was pregnant with Matilda I constantly and immediately got the "Oh wow, you are huge" looks, glances, questions, comments, etc. With this one...well, that is just not news. In fact, the most common comment I get these days are "Oh, look at you popped out already - that's right, you do get huge don't you?" or "You got your belly already! You just pop right out, don't you?" It's humorous to say the least. I walk by and people glance at my belly and then nod with a reaffirming "Ah yes, I remember her" with a few "I guess she is pregnant again" looks along the way. I haven't quite figured out the right response other than "Yup, I'm just glad I really am pregnant, otherwise this would be awkward." (Facetious, I know.)
Here we go, second trimester. The belly is out. The pants are on. The countdown continues.

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