Tick Tock

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Everything is on a countdown these days. Countdown until Josh's last day at Biola (3 days). Countdown until his graduation (10 days). Countdown until his first day at his new job (15 days). Countdown until my last day at Biola (29 days). Countdown until baby #2 comes (58 days...give or take). Tick. Tock.
And clock just keeps on ticking.
First things first - Josh's departure from Biola. It will be very strange to return to work next week without him by my side. I take comfort in knowing that my time at work without him is limited as well, but it will be sad and strange to lose my carpooling buddy, my lunch companion, and my favorite distraction from work. Though we have worked in different departments, we are deeply ingrained in each other's work lives just as we are in our personal lives. It has been another level of sharing that not every couple gets to partake.
Josh hasn't only been my husband, but my co-worker for the last three and a half years that I've worked at Biola as well. In a way, we are "going our different ways" career wise - fortunately, for both of us, those "different ways" happen to be in the same direction, steered straight into building our family. :) Our roles our changing, and I'm sure this transition bears more adjustment than we anticipate - though all welcomed and eagerly anticipated!
Still, it will be strange to not have those car rides home together where we get to rant and rave like a couple of overly worked office slaves sharing mutual grievances at happy hour. It will be sad to lose those daily lunches (kid free, mind you) that we get to just joke with our fellow workers about who brought the worst leftovers or what meetings must we endure this week. And it will be awkward to lose those spontaneous moments of inside joking when you just know you "had to be there at work" when something hilarious happened.
And yet, the closure to this chapter in our lives is perfectly timed. I couldn't be prouder of Josh, venturing beyond what might be familiar and comfortable and ready to step up into the role of "full time breadwinner" for the Pardy home. I am blessed beyond belief to share a partnership with him, and inspired at his dedication to provide for his family. We are some lucky gals in this Pardy home, thankful to have a husband/daddy who is not only willing, but excited to take on the task of balancing work and family. His graduation from Biola with his Master's next week will only culminate the last 6 years into a final moment of recognition and appreciation for the time that we have spent there. Sort of the perfect ending, if you ask me. (Thanks, Lord!)
So, as we check off one of the many new ventures we are about to embark upon....So long, "co-worker" Josh. You will be missed. But, I'm sure glad I get to be next to you in the passenger seat of life...somewhere we will always get to take the carpool lane. ;)


  1. I just love this. I teared up a little. Love you both!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what this means for all of you.


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