Kansas Bound Babies

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, tomorrow I'm hopping on a jetplane with my mom and my daughters and flying home to Kansas for a funfilled week of insanity and family festivities. It's going to be Daphne's first flight (and second and third and fourth, as we have a layover on the way there and back again - oh joy) and I'm already anticipating the jaded glares of nearby passengers who start auctioning off their tickets to trade seats with the person farthest away from our entourage.
This seemed like a good idea when family was far away and I was imagining the bliss of having many helping hands around and being in the comfort of my parents home and thinking about Matilda playing with her cousins - all of which I still eagerly anticipate. But, as I pack the millionth pair of baby socks and the extra onesies "just in case" and the burp cloths and the glow worm Matilda "must have" to sleep with...well, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to entirely dig up the state of Kansas and have it FedEx'd to my doorstep instead. Whew.
Today, as we were picking out some last minute items at Target, I fell all too wearily to the enticement of the LeapFrog system - the Leap Explorer or whatever the heck it is called. Whatever it is, it practically guarantees hours of fun in the palm of my toddler's hands, promising to educate and entertain her beyond my parental capacity, gluing her to the same position by her own choice...in other words, "don't you dare travel without this!" Hmm. We'll see. I totally caved and bought it, picturing Matilda's happy face as she stares at it for the 3 hour flight (the first leg anyway) as she pleasantly greets the other passengers who wave politely at her and comment on how sweet she is, along with my rosy cheeked infant who is sound asleep against me. Sure. Okay. That's so not going to happen.
But, if I can just survive tomorrow without TSA forcibly removing my child from the cargo cabin of an aircraft, or not having a flight attendant get jumped on (picture Matilda heaving herself piggyback style onto a completely unaware stewardess who should have thought twice before getting that weave my toddler is about to yank out of her head), and if we can just get there...then it will all be worth it.
Here we go. We can do this.
Diapers - check.
Clothes - check.
Boarding passes - check.
Sanity....ask me when we land.

If only I could click my heels and we'd be there.

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