Girls Night Out

Friday, February 24, 2012

T-Minus 9 hours and counting...I will be gabbing with my girls, splitting appetizers, wearing dangling earrings and enjoying some much needed time OUT of the house. It's GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Finally! And I'm so thankful for my girl friendships.

I've been needing/wanting/planning this girls night for months. You know, as a [transplanted] Southern Californian, I can't nail anything down on the calendar without at least 5 weeks notice (sometimes, more like 5 months). It takes forever for multiple moms to coordinate childcare, free time, and car pooling. But, we did it! And tonight, my Bible Study gals and I are going out for dinner to chat at our leisure and finish an entire meal without interruption.

I think I've greatly underestimated my need for girl time. Maybe since I have daughters I feel like I have enough estrogen in the house to sustain a small (female) planet. But, let's face it, if I have something like 25,000 words to use up in the day (isn't this the famous notion about women and our need for talking) and 15,000 of those words are either "stop", "no", or "poop"...does that really count?
Sure, we have phone calls, we have facebook, we have email. But, nothing beats one on one friendship time where you can actually make eye contact and giggle over the silliest things that your children and husbands would just not understand. It's a beautiful thing.

Also, can I just say that I'm excited to even get ready for Girl's Night? Similar to date night, it's a rare opportunity for me to take an extra long shower, get to wear my hair down, and slip on the fashion-over-function shoes for a night. It's nice to know I'll be with my gals who equally look forward to this and our mutual appreciation of telling each other "how freaking cute" we all look. (We really do.)

This might sound petty. This might even seem a bit childish. A night of dress up, like my toddler getting to wear her tutu all day or something. Perhaps! But it is amazing how just a few hours out with friends, away from the home, can allow you to escape and come home to your husband and kids who need you. Just a few hours distance can help me miss them and give me the boost of motivation and appreciation I need to propel me for days, even weeks.

Friendships are important in life, certainly. In parenthood, they are vital. Girlfriends can be sheer life support when it comes to motherhood. I love my husband. He is my rock. He is my hero. And I love our date nights and evenings together. But, just as he needs to get out and have that round of golf with the guys, I need to have my girl time! These outings with our friends are nearly as essential to marriage as our time together. Surrounding yourself with healthy friendships - people who will love you, listen to you, be honest with you, and hug you just because they like you (and your cute shoes) are such a gift in life.

I'm so blessed to have friends far and wide who are this in my life. Girls who will call me out on stuff. Girls who won't let me put myself down. Girls who won't tempt me to put down my husband. Girls who know when I rant about my kids that I would still die for them. Girls who think of me when they see an ad for the next Romantic Comedy. Girls who love Jesus more than themselves. These are my kinda gals. And I'm so stoked to see a few of them tonight.

Thank you, friends! I couldn't make it without you.

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  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!! :) I agree 100% and seriously can't wait for tonight, you are going to look HOT!! :)


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