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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hey gang, have you heard about Venn Magazine?

I'm privileged to have written a few articles for them, and today I'm featured again talking about the process and pain of waiting.  Ugh - does anything feel more futile than when life hits the pause button?

Check out my article here...and be sure to stick around the site and scope out all the other fascinating articles Venn has to offer.

Who is Venn Magazine?

From their website:
At Venn Magazine, we are captivated by the intersection of faith, culture and our hearts and souls and are compelled to both hear and tell real life stories of these encounters.

I love that at Venn they strive to hear the experiences and the stories that we all can relate to.  By hearing and sharing our views and narratives, we can help each other gain perspective and purpose for the lives we live.  I hope you check it out and share it with a friend today!

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