Easter [Dress] Hunt

Monday, March 1, 2010

This last weekend we went on a major hunt for the perfect first Easter dress for Matilda. I know it is a little silly - obviously not the meaning of Easter at all - but I'll take any excuse to doll my girl up and have her be extra frilly for a day.
What began as a simple task (get the girl a dress) ended in spring-time mayhem. Turns out, they don't find much use for Easter dresses before the age of 12 months. We went to three different stores before we even found a dress that was in her size!
Finally, after finding one, returning it, finding another and getting to the very end of my husband's wit (he was such a trooper)...I found the perfect dress. It's lovely - peach and lots of silly tulle that I'm sure my baby girl will drool all over. But, I honestly chose it because it reminded me so much of my favorite Easter dress growing up...it is exactly the same pretty peach color.
We always dressed our best for church growing up. I almost always wore a dress and so did most of my friends (who went to church), so I don't ever remember it being a point of contention with my parents. Very different from today when I get out my "nice jeans" every Sunday!
Even so, Easter was different...special...and I loved picking out a special Easter dress every year for the occasion. One year in particular (the peach year) I think I was in second grade and we had been to Mexico over Christmas vacation. Now - I'm not talking plush Mexico, like Cabo or something - no, this is the exotic land of Progresso, Mexico on the Texas border where you bargained for everything and prayed that you didn't go home with more than you bargained for (literally - like a good case of Montezuma's Revenge, if you catch my drift).
On our day trip there I had found the loveliest of dresses and my mother said I could get it if I saved it for Easter. I eagerly agreed and after haggling over a few pesos in price, the dress was mine! It was white on top with a big peach skirt requiring bunches of tulle to hold up the scope of the twirling material. It tied at the waist with a big bow in the back and had puff sleeves. I think I was going through a "Anne of Green Gables" phase because those puff sleeves were quite captivating (any AoGG fan will catch this reference).
I remember my mom taking our picture that year, my sister having her hair especially hair-sprayed high for the occasion and my brother resembling some guy out of Miami Vice with his white jacket cuffs cinched up to his elbows. My bangs took up half my head and were perfectly curled under creating a lovely shelf of hair just above my ears. The sun was shining, my basket was full of candy and our yard was spotted with brightly colored eggs yet to be discovered...it was a wonderful morning. And I, in my lovely peach dress with matching white gloves and patent leather shoes was ready to take on the world...er, at least Sunday school.
Now, don't get me wrong, as Easter approaches I will talk more about the true meaning of Easter (Candy of course! Just kidding). I don't want you to think a pretty Easter dress in anyway overshadows the recognition of Christ conquering our plight against eternal death and separation from God...um, no. But still, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to look your best on a day meant for celebration!
So, while she doesn't have bangs to curl or matching gloves (she would stick in her mouth anyway) my Matilda will be wearing a lovely peach dress this Easter...and someday she will look back at the pictures and say how silly her mother was for sticking her in such an elaborate get-up for only one morning. Maybe she'll even write a blog about it. :)

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  1. This makes me want to go out and get myself an Easter outfit!


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