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Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm wondering if there's any moms out there who might know where I could find a full-body-size diaper for my baby???
I seriously don't know how so much ugliness can eject from something so small and cute. I really don't mind changing diapers - I guess they are right - there just is something different about it all "when it's your own". And I should know. As an aunt to 7 and a previous nanny, I've powdered and wiped and diapered my fair share of others in the past. Not that those children weren't lovely and endearing, but they certainly kept my gag-reflex in tune at times.
Diapers take up such a short-lived time in our lives, yet when you are living with them they are a consuming nuisance of necessity. I'm so thankful they aren't like they used to be - I can't imagine adding "don't stick child with safety pin" to the list of inevitable injuries I could inflict on my child.
And, though I admire and respect those who commit to the duty of cloth diapers - I bow down to a different god and thank the heavens for huggies and pampers and whoever it was that invented those little stick-em tabs on the disposable diapers.
Still, they are pricey and stinky and I think the word "nag" must have somehow originated from a term meaning "woman who perpetually, consistently, and limitlessly asks her husband to take out the 'poopy trash' day after day even right after he seemingly just took it out". (Sorry honey, I love you).
I don't want it to sound like I'm complaining - I knew the magnitude of the odiferous task when I signed up for it - but I am amazed at how quickly one adjusts to such a job, and how nonchalant we become regarding something that becomes so taboo to disclose as we mature into private adults (which I'm also thankful for). Maybe it's because as we grow we just do so much more as people. Literally, we learn and function at whole new levels, unlike the 3 simple tasks we knew as babes: eat, sleep...poop!
I know we have a long road ahead. There are many outfits to be ruined, many accidents to be had, many linens to be washed. I'm amazed at how much joy I find in being needed for a task I would cringe at doing for any other individual on the planet.
My Matilda might be stinky - but I don't mind. She's mine.
Still - I really am serious about that full-body-size diaper...


  1. I love your blog! You're such a talented writer - perfect blend of humor and education. I'll be leaning on you as a great resource as I embark into motherhood. I wanted to let you know that we are expecting a little girl at the end of July (I know that you know all about little girls!). It sounds like parenthood suits you well. It's very evident how much you love your sweet little Matilda. I'm so excited to experience that & am just feeling so grateful for this little miracle.


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