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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beware, planet earth is being taken over by pregnant ladies! I swear it is true!
I know that when anything substantial is happening in your life you tend to be acutely aware of those around you experiencing the same thing. Moving, getting a new job, getting engaged or married...any major news comes along and suddenly your whole world is seen in a new light. Well, I must be wearing pregnancy goggles, because I swear there is a pregnant lady every direction I look (and no, I'm not in the waiting room of my doctor's office).
In the last month I've had 3 friends have babies, 2 friends find out they are pregnant, and currently have a couple other friends ready to pop any day now! In fact, one co-worker's wife is in the hospital in labor today, while another co-worker announced he and his wife are due in August! What in the world!?!?
Along with morning sickness, cravings, swollen ankles and more...I would put "Belly Radar" at the top of the list of "what to expect when you're expecting". I feel like I can spot a mama-to-be from 20 yards, with a variety of shapes and sizes leaving me guessing what week she might be and how she compares to my blossoming bump. I'm not ashamed - I know she is doing the same to me - and all with one encouraging glance as if to say "I hear ya - keep going! We can do this! We are awesome!"
The "belly bunch" or "band of bellies" or "belly brigade", if you will (take your pick), is quite the exclusive club, though our membership is expanding rapidly every day (no pun intended). Of course there are various ranks within the club: First Timers, Multiples, Experienced, Home Birthers, etc. There is really no limit to the categorization. I, myself, adhere to a variety of unions: there's the "I don't care how much I gain" guild, the "I'm going to wear these leggings yet again" sorority, the "You bet I'm drinking regular coffee this morning because I know it's okay to have 100 mg of caffeine thank you very much so don't give me that look" society, and others.
Certainly we are in the current age group of when pregnancies most likely occur. It is no surprise when our group of friends married around five years or less start getting the baby bug and everyone begins to speculate who will be next to "drink the water". So, to all the new mamas and mama-to-be's out there...congratulations, hang in there, high five, and throw back another ginger ale! This is the club of a lifetime, with eternal membership and immeasurable benefits.
Proudly a member since 2009...Welcome.

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