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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's all about girl talk at the Pardy home these days. That's right - we're having another girl! With this news comes the relief of not having to re-paint any walls, not having to buy any new things that are currently pink or rosy, and above all...the grand relief of simply knowing what we are having!
I could hardly stand the wait. Eighteen and a half long weeks of wondering if I could change the "it" status to "he" or "she" was a long enough wait for me. I know several people who wait until the blessed day to experience the great reveal. They say it is the "surprise of a lifetime" or that it gives you "more motivation to get through labor" to find out what you are having.
Not me, no thank you. I would be bald and anxious if I had to wait that long - having pulled all my hair out at the thought of not being able to plan ahead. Besides, I think that enough surprise comes along with bringing another entirely new human into the world that the more mystery we can take out of it - the better. (Certainly just my opinion, but hey, it's my blog.)
So - when the tech finally spun the screen around so we could see the wiggly black and white blob jerking around in there, we were giddy with excitement to interpret the blurry image into a discernible, cuddly little she-baby. A girl! A sister for Matilda! That means...TWO girls under two! Wow, that's a lot of pink. :)
Of course, with any defining news, I find there is always a twinge of grief towards the loss of the "possibilities". The spark of sadness that "what would life have been like with a son" is very soon to pass, but certainly not to be ignored. Exactly the same as if it had been the other way around...if we had found out it was a boy, then I would have certainly experienced a twinge of "no sister for Matilda yet" along with the additional stress of buying a plethora of blue things! All that to say, it takes a shift in your mind when you find out news that will forever affect your family - and a new perspective that filters your planning, your preparation, and in this case - your parenting.
What will it be like to parent two girls? This is thrilling and terrifying! (As is parenting in general!) But, I am up for the challenge - and the joy!
After all, sugar and spice, and everything nice...that's what little girls are made of! (Right?)
Now, having sat on the news for a week, letting it resonate and totally fill my head and heart with thoughts of girly delight...we are simply beyond thrilled to anticipate the welcoming of a second girl into our family! Of course it never really mattered if it was going to be a boy or girl - we were entirely more focused on the health of the baby than anything else during the ultrasound, and just jubilant to walk away with the news of knowing what to expect. I am happy to report that all is well, and this girl is healthy and growing like a weed! She is also very, VERY busy! The ultrasound tech said she was the squirmiest baby she had ever seen! At one point she said "Okay, your baby is just doing jumping jacks now" as if to already be defiantly mocking the tech's orders. I just laughed and said "Sounds like my daughter!" In fact, they had to call me back in for additional images since this little girl just wasn't holding still for her close-ups.
Looks like we got another wily one on our hands already!
Atta girl.

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