Halfway There!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Barring any crude miscalculations, we are just over halfway to meeting our newest addition to the Pardy family! We have crossed the 20 week mark and are experiencing new wonders ("That was definitely a kick!" "My lower back is killing me!") each week. In fact, Josh finally got to feel a good "Hi-ya" miss-piggy-style kick just a few days ago, proving to him (as if there were any doubt left) that there is, indeed, a feisty little babe in there afterall.
If my last pregnancy felt like it flew by, then this one is traveling at lightning-speed. Even being hyper-aware of exactly how far along I am (20 weeks 3 days, 20 weeks 4 days, and so on) I sometimes have had to correct myself when answering people's question of how many weeks we are, because I can hardly keep up!
The second trimester is always the easiest and the fastest. After "looking ahead" through the whole first trimester, you just want to make it to the magical week that will bring you relief both physically and mentally. For me, that was week 14. Finally, I didn't feel like either puking or punching someone in the face. Finally, we got to see a squirmy little baby with a strong heartbeat on the ultrasound. Finally, I could comfortably wear maternity clothes and give in to the beautiful bulge that was creeping around my midsection. Now, at week 20, I'm feeling fairly energetic (though my 16-month-old daughter keeps that in check for me) and mostly nausea/headache-free. Hooray!
Now, I know how this works...I will warp myself through the next, oh, I don't know, 15 or 17 weeks at which time my world will halt to a slow and stuttering pace. I remember with my last pregnancy that those last few weeks of gestation felt longer than the previous 8 and a half months prior. Maybe it is the anticipation coming to a climax. Maybe it is the nervous energy gearing up for labor. Or maybe it is the pure exhaustion of not having seen my swollen toes for the last who-knows-how-long and aching back that keeps me guessing whether I am indeed a mother or a pack-mule??? Either way...I know those daunting last few weeks are coming. But, until then, I am coasting delightfully along, eating my six meals a day (note, I did not say "mini-meals")
and loving each new little spin, kick, and hiccup from the growing wonder inside me.
Keep up the good work baby, we're halfway there.

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