Double [Stroller] Trouble

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We are now proud owners of a double-stroller! Whoa. This thing is going to take over lives, let alone our apartment. I feel like it should come with its own rentable storage unit or something. Nevertheless, we are excited to add to the "gear" collection as our brood expands.
Strollers are kind of stressful. I mean, I really researched to death (shocker) the various options for what to get. The sit-and-stand, the side-by-side, the all-terrain, the facing forward, the facing in, the lightweight...the list goes on. Not to mention the "additional options" that you might be looking for: cup holders, trays, ipod holder, storage underneath, steering wheel or handlebar, canopies, seat covers...this industry is out of control.
We ended up (for those who are curious) getting the "Joovy" Ergo Caboose.
It was our best option since we can use it right away with Matilda and baby #2. Most other double strollers are too "old" for either Matilda or for the new baby - and this Joovy will allow us to use the carseat for the new baby with Matilda in front, and then progress to have new baby in front and Matilda in the sit/stand option on the back. (If you are a parent of small children you can hopefully translate this for others who are quizzically trying to interpret my last sentence.) Long story short - it works for us! :)
Strollers are no joke, man. When you start looking into it and reading reviews, there are some super serious parents out there with extremely specific needs/wants/likes/dislikes...and, for a good reason! Your stroller can be your best friend or the bane of your existence. If you are having to lug in and out a 30 lb piece of gear every time you want to bring your kiddos out in public, you are going to want it to be worth your while.
And, yet, there still seem to be some serious flaws among the stroller design that tends to put most parents into the "we can put a man on the moon" rant while they wrangle with their baby gear.
"We can put a man on the moon, but we can't figure out how to transport a child with a device that doesn't weigh a thousand pounds?"
"We can put a man on the moon, but we can't make a five point harness that my 1 year old can't wriggle out of in the middle of Target?"
"We can put a man on the moon, but we can't have a cup holder that fits this blasted sippy cup?"
"We can put a man on the moon, but we don't make a double stroller that folds itself into my trunk that still gives me room to put a single bag a groceries?"

Am I right?
Granted, we've come a long way. I know strollers are not the metal-box-on-wheels deathtraps that our parents were forced to use when we were growing up. Now, they are luxury items that parents judge other parents over, and moms drool with envy when they see certain styles being used by other moms at the mall - little vehicles for little people that cost nearly as much as the real deal. Still, I'm thankful to "upgrade" to our new cadillac of baby gear, and super thankful that my parents are generously chipping in to help us afford it! (shout out of thanks to Gram & Koko!)
Soon enough we'll be strolling along, doubling the trouble wherever we may go. I'm sure in no time this stroller will be broken in - milk spilled on it, gold fish crackers reaching crevices never to be seen again, straps being stretched beyond their limits, and canopies being yanked in every direction...
Sounds good to me.

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