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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All parents have much to be thankful for.  As a mother, I thank God each and every day for my sweet girls who I survived another day with.  I'm grateful for their health, their feisty nature, their imaginative spirits, and their enthusiasm for all things sugarcoated.  I love them more than anything, and more often than not I stare at their beautiful faces in awe that I get to be their mother.

But, many days (many, many, many) I am thankful for other things.  Maybe you can relate...

The Top 20 Things All Parents are Truly Thankful For:

1.  Baby Wipes (the good kind, thick and the size of beach towels)  
2.  Remote controls on anything 
3.  Volume adjustment on electronic toys (why don't kids come with this, God?) 
4.  Juice boxes (one less sippy cup I have to wash) 
5.  Slippers (as I crunch across the Cheerio-laden floor) 
6.  Cheerios (acceptable at any temperature and in replacement of any "real meal") 
7.  Vacuums (sanitizer and sanity saver) 
8.  Netflix (without whom I could not parent my children) 
9.  Disposable diapers (more power to those of whom choose otherwise) 
10. Car seats (not only do they protect children, they render them immobile!) 
11.  Pixar (Thank you for respecting my brain while keeping my kid entertained) 
12.  Velcro (buttons, snaps, and zippers are just time wasters) 
13.  Target (They've turned the chore of shopping into feeling like an actual escape) 
14.  Coffee 
15.  iPhones (should come out with a kid version called the iPacifier) 
16.  Storybooks with BIG FONT (because bedtime is hard enough) 
17.  Benadryl (cause zombies) 
18.  The "Silent Game"  
19.  BABYSITTERS!  (keep'em alive and we'll pay you in Dino-chicken nuggets) 
20.  Other honest moms and dads who don't act like they live according to Pinterest!

Now...what are you thankful for???  Remember - leave a COMMENT saying what you are grateful for on any blog post here all this week and you could win the THANKS & GIVING GIVE AWAY!

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  1. Even though I no longer have toddlers in the house, I completely agree with your #1. Baby wipes are valuable tool in my crafting arsenal. Also fond of coffee too (I would rank it in the top five).


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