Snow Day!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This morning started off just as any morning.  Our girls woke up yelling for mommy and I begrudgingly stumbled out of bed while it was still dark out.  After tending to their needs and getting them "ready enough" for the early hour, I heard our alarm go off and my husband get up.  A few minutes later I hear the most glorious sound of my husband shouting "Snoooow Daaaay!"

Woohoo!  No work for daddy meant less work for mommy, so I was instantly grateful.  I also felt that giddiness I had felt as a child, as I nostalgically recalled the joy of having snow days as a child.

I can still remember the anxiety of listening to the radio in the early morning, yearning for my school's name to be called. I remember feeling the joy and relief when school would be spontaneously cancelled - like finding extra money in a jean's pocket, or getting a Christmas gift early - it was so wonderfully unexpected!

We all went downstairs and our girls instantly plastered their faces to the window pane, gazing out at the lawn.  Sure, it had only snowed about half an inch, but to these two California girls it might as well have been the North Pole.

"SNOOOOW!!!!" Matilda shrieked with joy.

I went out to collect a bowlful for them to touch and taste.  It was hard to believe school had been cancelled at the sight of such little dust, but when I touched it I realized it was pure ice.  Yikes!

As the sun is coming out, melting away the wintry splendor, I'm so grateful for the gift of an extra free day to spend with my family.  When I was a kid, snow days meant fun and excitement and a chance to PLAY!  I'm so glad that all these years later my girls will get the chance to experience them and that I can relive the joy in a whole new way.

Happy snow day - stay safe out there!

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