Junk Drawer

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do you have a "junk drawer" in your house?  Perhaps you have a junk closet, or a junk room, or a junk warehouse for that matter.  (I won't tell.)

In every home I've lived in, I've always maintained a junk drawer.  Somehow it follows me from location to location, regardless of the "organized" state it may start from at move-in-day-one, it never fails that it very quickly becomes a deep abyss of...well...junk.

Nevertheless, I am in and out of this drawer more often than others in my home.  While my book shelves might gather dust, or my CD collection may go untouched for months, the junk drawer is a daily necessity to my every day life.

Batteries go out on the tv remote:  junk drawer.  I need to level that picture frame:  junk drawer.  Coupons for that one pizza delivery place:  junk drawer.  The list goes on and on.  You might even find an umbrella or a couch in there at the bottom, as it seems to be more like Mary Poppin's suitcase than I care to admit.

As you can see - it's a TOTAL WRECK.  But, while there is zero thought or effort assigned as to how I organize this little space - there is equal part guilt for keeping it so haphazard:  zero.  I feel no shame in my little junk drawer full of crud.  It works for our home and it keeps our junk out of the way in an efficient (albeit, untidy) manner.

Everyone's got a junk drawer.  We all have something that works for us that others might deem disgusting or questionable.  I'm not talking about morals or values or of anything of real consequence.  I'm talking about everyday chaos that we tuck away to just keep moving forward.  The necessary stuff we need to move past in order to just function.

I'm exposing my junk drawer today cause it's an analogy for all of us living under the illusion that others have it all together, or others have their life more "organized" than we do.  Probably not.  Probably they have a junk closet (or warehouse) that works for them that's helping maintain their sanity too.

All this to say, junk drawers happen in life.  Don't sweat the small stuff, so to speak.  Don't think that gal Pinteresting her latest seven-layer-dip for her Literature and Wine book club party tonight doesn't have somewhere she stashes that half-used chapstick that she just won't throw away.

Whatever.  You get it.  We are all a mess who need Jesus - the one and only junk-organizer who can whip us grimey-trashmakers into shape through His love and grace alone.

Now, where did I put the duct tape?

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