We Bought A House!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The new Pardy Palace!
I can hardly believe it is real.  This is a long time coming and an enormous dream come true!  God's provision and generosity in our lives continues to blow me away.  I can hardly believe that mere months ago we were moving into an apartment sight-unseen, jobless, and had many question marks in our future.  

Now, we are holding keys to our new HOME, ready to sink deep roots into Nashville and establish our family in a real neighborhood.  Not to mention, we can let our girls run wild and scream with reckless abandon without apologizing to our neighbors later!
Closing Day!
We closed on the house LAST WEEK and have already started painting walls.  We are incredibly blessed that the home is rather move-in ready, so we are having a blast looking at swatches and new door knobs and curtains...little things to make it ours

Here is a little slideshow of the house...BEFORE photos, anyway!  I will be sure and post updated photos after we move in (2 weeks to go) and get all our changes made.  

The New Pardy HOME! 
Come visit us!

It's a small, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath ranch style home with a BIG, fenced backyard!  I can't wait to kick the kids out into the yard once it's above freezing!  As you can see, these are photos from when the home was "staged to sell", but at least it gives you a glimpse inside.

I can't wait to share more about this HOUSE journey with you!  


  1. Thanks, Phillip Phillips, for writing this song way in advance of the Pardys' plan:)
    Thanks, God, for taking spectacular care of our kids:)
    Thanks, everybody for being excited for them:)

  2. Congratulations!! It looks lovely. I saw where you said it was just south of Nashville. I am of course insanely interested to know where you are! We lived south of the city - in a condo near Nolensville and Old Hickory intersection - when we were there. So glad you are finding roots in Nashville. I miss it so!


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