Hello, Second Trimester!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This pregnancy has reached another milestone!  Baby Pardy #3 is officially 15 weeks old, and a good week into the second trimester.

You know what this means...GENDER PREDICTION TIME!  Cast your vote below and see if more people are thinking pink or blue for what's in this belly of mine.

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Very different than when I was pregnant with the girls.  I couldn't stand the smell of coffee with either of them, and this time around I indulge in one cup a day with total bliss.  I can also eat Mexican food without turning my stomach - something I truly missed when I had an aversion to it with both girls.

Carrying the same (as you can see).  Out in front, beach ball style, popping out early as ever before with plenty of questions regarding twins and miscalculated due dates.  (Sigh)

Hairy Legs:
Same - and yes, the amount of hair that grows on your legs is evidently an old wives predictor.

Same - breaking out same as ever, maybe slightly worse in the first trimester due to the oh-so-lovely hormone boost.

More nauseous in the first trimester than I was with the girls.  (Though the old wives tale says girls cause more nausea, so take that for what it's worth!)

So, there you have it.  Just a few more weeks until we find out and REVEAL if this baby is a boy or girl!  I'd love for you to vote and be part of the fun as we find out whether it's more tutus for us or if we'll be shopping for bow ties!  Hooray for Pardy baby #3!

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