Book Cover Reveal: For All Maternity

Monday, March 2, 2015

Several months ago I shared the exciting news that I wrote a book and it's getting published.  Well, it's been a surreal whirlwind since then.

I've been busy with editing, rewrites, and pinching myself to make sure this was all really happening.

Today I get to share the BOOK COVER!  I hope you love it, you share it, and you mark your calendars for MAY 1st when the book becomes available to buy!

For All Maternity
Coming May 1, 2015

When should I start a family?  Why do I want to become a mother?  How will my life change after having a baby?  It’s easy for questions like these to plague the mind of an already multi-tasking woman who just wants to shop for cute onesies.  

In For All Maternity, Emily Pardy encourages readers to ask the hard questions while humorously sharing her own tumultuous journey into motherhood.  From sitting awkwardly in marriage counseling, to learning how to breast-pump in the middle of the workday, this bumpy road to motherhood encounters lessons about body image, boundaries, and belief in a God who is more trustworthy than any baby manual around.  

Be sure and keep up with the blog to hear more info as the drop date approaches.  Thank you for sharing in this exciting moment with me!

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