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Friday, April 10, 2015

I've been up since 3am.  No, not just awake - UP.

I knew having another baby would come with less sleep - I just didn't know it would start at 21 weeks of pregnancy!

As with my first two girls, I'm convinced this baby is a zombie with unique martial arts skills.  I dream about who she is, trying to picture a sweet, snuggly little girl all wrapped up in pink...but, at three in the morning when my belly is thumping and my eyes are half-closed, all I can picture is a little version of Jackie Chan in there, kicking butt and taking names.
Pretty sure I need this shirt!
The movement of an unborn human inside my body is one of the most wondrous, ridiculously awesome experiences of my life.  While the jabs and swirls are virtually indescribable, I find myself telling non-parent friends what it feels like in the simplest terms.

Uh, it just feels exactly like what you'd think it feels like?!

Can anyone describe this a little better for me?  Honestly, I'm at a loss.  I think this is one of those times in life when you are so mesmerized by the process that it seems like putting words to it instantly diminishes its significance no matter what.

I can't seem to match the language to the action, and when I try, it comes out something like this:

It's like rainbows bursting out of my stomach.
It's like a little dog walking around in circles before settling into a cozy spot.
It's like a popped toaster springing up a bagel that doesn't quite fit.
It's like a rippling brook, constantly moving yet soothing.
It's like when you blend a smoothie and then the air bubble spurts up when you stop it.
It's like there's a shooting star stuck in a hot air balloon, trying to get out.
It's like there's a little human being growing inside me, flexing growing muscles and stretching new bones that have yet to see sunlight.

See how that last one just rolls right in with the absurd?  AND IT'S TRUE!


My little belly ninja has several weeks to go before I get to kiss her smooshy little pink face.  There are countless kicks and hiccups and gas bubbles to feel in the coming months, and I'm treasuring each one.  I know that soon enough these little movements might turn painful and extremely uncomfortable (reality sets in a little sooner by the third baby!)  But, I pray I never take for granted the awesomeness of this weird feeling.

Sure, I'll lose more sleep.  Yes, I'll get cranky and uncomfortable.  I might even start whining and complaining the closer the due date gets (Who, me?)  But, through all the words that describe my feelings and aches and pains, know there is an indescribable experience behind each one that simply has no language.

The tiniest of actions...speaking louder than any words I've ever known.

How would you describe your baby's movements when you were pregnant?  

What does it feel like to YOU?

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  1. I have to confess that I am an awful pregnant woman. I pretty much hate it, except for the baby kicks. Those never get old. And ... it feels like the baby is waging war with all my internal organs and winning.


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