Big Love for Wee Sprout: Nature's Little Squeeze Reusable Food Pouches

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sometimes I stumble across a product I love so much, that I track down the manufacturer and let them know I would hug them in person if I could.  Wee Sprout is one of those companies!

I never get paid to endorse any products that I mention on my blog, so you can rest assured that this mama is giving you honest feedback on items I truly use and love.

Do you have a picky eater in your family?

My daughter, Daphne, would live on cereal and spaghetti if I let her. It's like pulling teeth from a fish to get her to take a bite of veggies or fruit.  BUT, she loves those Go-go Fruit pouches!? I was paying way too much for them in the store, trying my best to find coupons or buy in bulk when it suddenly struck me, There must be a better way!

There is! Wee Sprout makes three different sizes of food pouches that are dishwasher safe, freezable, and totally reusable. You can fill it with smoothie, pudding, applesauce, or any one of your own concoctions so you can sneak-some-healthy into your kiddo's day!

As you can see - Daphne's a fan! I love to blend up some bananas with a couple tablespoons of apple juice and freeze them for her lunches. By the time it thaws out, she has a yummy banana smoothie ready to slurp down. (Just be sure to let the preschool teacher know not to throw it away after lunchtime!)

I rinse mine out with warm, soapy water, then toss it in the top rack of my dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. They are super durable, easy to use, and saves me a TON of money too!

Additionally, Wee Sprout is a family owned company right here in Tennessee! I was thrilled to contact the owner and let her know how much I loved the product, and I feel great supporting small business that promotes healthy living for kids and clearly keeps real life, busy mamas in mind when designing their products.

These little squeezes would make GREAT stocking stuffers for kids, wonderful baby shower presents, or an awesome gift for the mom-friend you love to play-date with!

Squeeze your little ones and buy them Nature's Little Squeeze today! You can know you are supporting small business and healthy living too!

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