Go Green: Why I Love Pure Haven Essentials

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What better day to make a change and GO GREEN?

If you're like me, when you first hear the words "non-toxic" you might think "not as effective" or "too expensive"- (which is what I've experienced in the past with many so-called-natural products). It's just so hard to know what products to trust these days. Can you relate?

I often turn to my friend Jessica when I have questions about health and wellness for my family. Jessica Hodson is a mom of two, a strong Christian, and a friend of mine from way way back - which is why I trust her advice completely!

I'm super excited to introduce you to her, because she's also an Executive Leader for Pure Haven Essentials - awesome non-toxic products for your family!

I want to tell you about the PHE products I've tried for the past few weeks - because they WORK, they are LOVELY, and most of all they are HEALTHY for everyone in your family!
Check out Jessica's website for yourself to see what products might fit your family's needs!
Here are my favorites:
Dream Cream
Addicted! This thick lotion is yummm in a bottle. Seriously.  I'm kinda sensitive to scents, and this delicious cream is like vanilla-birthday-cake-meets-clean-laundry-on-a-warm-spring-day. So um, yeah, you're gonna want to try this.
It's no surprise this is one of the most popular PHE products - it's downright AMAZING. Between winter weather and breastfeeding, my skin has been extra dry. This Dream Cream has been the only thing I've found to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day without having to reapply (a little goes a long way!)
It also has a zillion uses! I also used it on baby Vivian's cradle cap, and it washed out easily, smelled lovely, and I haven't needed to use it again since!
How they packed all this into one cream truly is a dream! This gets my TOP recommendation, for sure.

Body Butter (This product is COMING SOON, but I got a sneak peek already!)
For those extra-dry spots, this is your answer in a jar. It's similar to the Dream Cream, but thicker and with a more "lemon-drop" scent. I like to apply it to my cuticles, elbows, and knees at bedtime for an extra boost of moisture. I love that it's safe to use on my kids (after playing outside all day, their skin needs extra TLC too!) and it's scent is gender neutral enough that even my husband can use it!

Lavender Bar Soap
Love me some lavender! I'm not usually a fan of bar soap, but when I saw this lavender gift set, I was so excited to try it! The soothing, calming qualities of lavender (great for sleep too!) are evident in this soap. It didn't dry out my skin (like usual soap does) and it lathered up nice and sudsy too. What's more, it didn't get all gunky on the bottom from sitting on my shower shelf! In a pinch, I even used it on my face a couple times and it never made me break out which truly attests to it's purity. If you love lavender, this is a must!

Moisturizing Hand Soap (This product is COMING SOON, but I got a sneak peek already!)
How many times has your husband commented on how good your hand soap is? Probably never, right?! Well, you can imagine my surprise when I hear my beloved from the bathroom say "Where did you get this hand soap? It's so nice and I love the smell!" Haha. True story.
This soap is a family favorite. It's clear, so it looks good filling any container, and it's soft scent leaves your hands feeling smooth and clean. It's everything you want in a hand soap, but with none of the harsh chemicals! Yay for clean hands!

Night Serum
This was a BONUS with the order I received (yes, there are tons of PERKS offered each month and ever-changing!) and I was thrilled to add it to my skincare regimen. I'm always timid about trying new things on my face, but this mild, sweet-orangey-smelling serum left my skin super soft by morning. I was fearful that putting "oil" on my face might make it break out, but instead the opposite was true!? I had a blemish vanish within two days of using it, along with some winter dryness on my cheeks. Better yet, it only took about HALF a pump to cover my face and neck, which means this little bottle will last me a long time.

For Babies
Baby Wash & Shampoo 
I always say it's impossible to spoil a baby because they deserve the very best - but, if you were going to try, start with this! This wash is mild enough for baby's delicate skin, and my Vivian loved splashing in the bubbles it made (many times "natural" products don't suds up the same as synthetic products). The scent is extremely mild too, very clean and fresh, but left my baby smelling like her sweet self and not some overly-powdery-bundle-of-joy. Most of all, it's incredibly reassuring to know I'm bathing my precious girl in something that will leave her truly clean, free from any chemicals that could possibly harm her.

Baby Lotion
DEFINITELY purchase the lotion when you buy the shampoo - it's worth it! This yummy cream is thick enough that a dime-size will cover your whole baby (I used WAY too much the first time!) and it absorbs completely. Many lotions I've tried have left a tacky residue, but this lotion leaves my baby's skin moist without being sticky. All the better to kiss!
The fresh scent is very gender neutral too, so it would make a great baby shower gift for anyone with a little one on the way.
100% honest & never paid
for my recommendations

Ready to shop? Want to learn more?
Pure Haven Essentials makes it easy to take a step towards non-toxic living because they offer products for your whole family! Jessica would be thrilled to tell you more about everything PHE has to offer, and you can contact her any time to find out more!

MARCH 2016 Customers can use Party ID 138824 and will receive a FREE SKIN TONER with their $95 order! There's a new special each month, so be sure to check out her Facebook Page to keep up with all the great deals!

Choosing Pure Haven Essentials for my family is a no-brainer; not only are the products highly effective, luxurious and completely safe, but they are products with a mission. A mission to change lives and a mission to change the world for the better. 
-Jessica Hodson, Executive Leader with Pure Haven Essentials

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