30 Jobs in 30 Years

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

As of last month, I have officially been with my current employer for three years. This may surprise you (since I'm now old, being 30 and all...) but this is the absolute longest I have ever held any job ever. In fact, I haven't even held the same position since being there...but it is still the longest I've been with any employer. And that is saying something considering I have pretty much been working since I was like 14.
I know what you're thinking, "Really? That is surprising since you seem so reasonable. How do you keep getting jobs if your resume is so ridden with spontaneity?"
Thanks for asking. But, in fact, because of my well-rounded experience (see how I spun that?) I am pretty much qualified for just about any entry-level position that doesn't require licensing or education beyond a Bachelor's degree.
In fact, over the last many years, I've obtained work experience in the following areas:

Truck Driving
Video Production
Food Service

...to name a few.

"How can that be?" you might ask, perhaps quietly thinking to yourself "I don't consider her to be an expert at any of those things". Correct you are! I am no expert at any of the above tasks. In fact, if I am an expert at anything, it is probably resume writing and job hunting. Haha.

All in all, if you count internships and volunteer positions, along with all hired-for employment opportunities...I have had a grand total of 30 jobs in 30 years. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

The fact is, as I look back on my vast array of employment adventures, apparently people were willing to take chances on me, risk trusting me to be able to learn something I don't yet have any idea how to do...and, along the way, I remain honest and forthcoming and work hard to step up to the plate.
I might not have all the answers or have a stellar resume that helps me climb the ladder to the top...but, I'll fully embrace the experience that is offered me and give you my attention and loyalty as long as the situation continues to be fun, challenging, or simply putting food on my table.
A job has always been a job to me. I leave it at the office and when I am home, I am home. Work will never come before family or love or important celebrations. Jobs will come and go (and come again). There have been some I have loved and some I have absolutely hated. I have never been fired, but I have been known to quit on the spot if there was ever serious, questionable reason. To these many employers of the past (regardless of how we may have parted in the end) I am grateful.
Thinking of all the jobs I've had, it is now easy to recognize that each job was setting me up for the next, without an inkling in my own mind of what that next step might be at the time. Every job has left me with something that has helped shape me in some way that has brought me to who I am today. And when I look at the areas of experience I have gained up to this point...it is like reading the list of pre-requisites for the ultimate job, of which I am now undertaking: Motherhood.
I think it will be quite a while before I am considered an expert at this job as well (okay, never)...but don't worry, there's no chance I'm quitting either.

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