Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who came up with the term "morning sickness" anyway? My guess is some male doctor whose wife was only allowed to complain when he saw her first thing in the morning. Because anyone who has experienced it knows - it does not limit itself to the a.m.
I am actually one of the luckier ones - I have yet to actually lose my lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) with pregnancy - but instead I am haunted by the gnawing cloud of nausea that just hangs over me nearly all day long. It isn't brutal - but it is an ebb and flow of "yick-ness" and without relief.
This nausea is such a catch-22 for pregnant women. It is a wonderful sign that everything is going well. Feeling the nagging clench in your throat is a beautiful reminder that you are no longer in control, and that a baby no bigger than a raspberry now dictates how you function. This little babe is growing at unbelievable rates and needing every enormous dose of nutrients and hormones that your body has to offer. This rush of hormones, however, is exactly what causes my fair face to flush at the smell of coffee or my throat to close up at the thought of poultry. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for the nausea!
On the other hand, when I have the rare wave of relief from the nausea - when I get to suddenly take a deep breath and not feel like I might be swooning...I'm worried. Where is the nausea? Where did it go? Why do I feel okay? Is everything alright in there??
I wish my baby could have a little tin-can-telephone tied to the teeny umbilical cord just to shout-out a little "Yep, I'm alright! Just giving you a break, mom! Relax!"
But, then, as soon as I start to put my anxiety to the side and enjoy the moment of's back. So, those are the two choices a first-trimester mama has: Nausea or Worry. Well, there is plenty to worry about anyway - so I suppose I'll choose the nausea for now.
Thanks for the reminder, little bean! I'm glad you are growing! I'm glad your heart the size of a poppyseed is thump-thumping away and you are taking all you need to keep developing!
In the meantime...pass me the ginger ale.

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