Baby Pardy Part Deux

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well, by now most of you have probably heard the news - we are expecting! Baby Pardy #2 is on the way, due mid-July. Hooray!We found out on November 3rd, exactly 1 year from the day we brought Matilda home from the hospital! The kiddos will be 20 months apart, so they will be close and I'm sure our lives will be crazy, yes - but the most wonderful crazy I can imagine. What a blessing! I love the idea that Matilda will never even remember life without her sibling - it will be a little buddy for her right from the start!
We've already been getting the awkward glances and question: "Was this on purpose?" Let me just clear this up for everyone...Yes. It did happen a little sooner than we predicted (again, that illusion that we have any control over this kind of thing is ridiculous) - it took nearly a year to conceive Matilda, so we had no idea that this one would happen so quickly - but we are delighted beyond words that the time is now! (I'm sure there will be more posts on this in the future.)
And so the pregnancy begins...I'm feeling pretty good. Queasy and achey, all good signs that this little baby, no bigger than a blueberry, is growing every second! Pregnancy is wondrous in many ways, but I am so thankful for it's constant reminder of how God is in control - weaving together this tiny babe, conducting every beat of the new little heart, forming the intricacies that are too small for me to even fathom. God is so good!
Indeed, this Thanksgiving there is so much to be thankful for! It is no wonder that Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! November is a great month for the Pardys: our Anniversary is November 24th, Matilda was born on November 1st, and now we find out another blessing is on the way in November as well. Thank you, Lord! Not to mention, this holiday is surrounding by wonderful food and the anticipation of Christmas coming. I love it!
Thank you, everyone, for all your prayers for our family! I pray each of you take time to be grateful for God's blessings in your own life, and that you get to enjoy that turkey feast with people who love you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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