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Friday, October 4, 2013

Ever consider writing or starting up your own blog but feel like you just aren't quite ready to take the plunge?  Ever think of a really great topic and wish someone would ask you to tell them what you think about it?  Ever want to take a stab at exposing your world for all to see and read about?  Here's your chance!

Guest blog for PARDYMAMA!

In the midst of midterms and the mayhem of motherhood, I'm calling on YOU to think about writing a guest blog for me.  This could be a real win/win for us, folks.  I'm thrilled to collaborate and support talent that I think reflects honesty and the truth of God, and it helps me keep my priorities in check by giving my family and school work the attention it requires while being able to keep this blog afloat.

Also, it would be a privilege to connect with other writers, parents, and creative people who want to utilize this blog to help get the word out and encourage others.  It also helps me keep quality content up here in between the times that I really need a break from reading and writing for a day (seriously, my eyes might be permanently bloodshot after this week!)

Submit your ideas, topics, or full blog posts to EMILY@PARDYMAMA.COM 

It might take me some time to get back to you, but I promise I will read each one!

As you know, PARDYMAMA loves to specifically speak to moms and dads who are struggling honestly with the everyday strife and blessings that marriage, parenthood, and other realities can bring into life.  I'm looking for honesty here - so, whether you are funny, dramatic, or just want to share a lesson that you've learned lately - bring it on!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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