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Monday, August 26, 2013

Some mornings, I'll wake up to the sweet giggling of my daughters, roll out of bed, and smile as I corral my crew downstairs before flipping on the coffee maker and starting the day.

more coffee please
Other mornings, like today, I wake up to the sound of crying, force my weary bones up, and find myself coddling two irrationally exhausted goblin toddlers before the sun has even risen.  There was no going back to sleep.  There was no smiling.  There was no sound of gentle music like in those Folgers commercials with the happy parents and perfect sunlight beaming in to greet them.

Shortly after cup-of-coffee-number-two, my youngest had the worst diaper explosion since infancy (like, up-the-back grade 'splosion, people!), and before the Today Show has even switched to Kathie Lee & Hoda, I'm wrangling two crazies into the tub to wash off the evidence of the morning poo-pocalypse.  I make it back downstairs to start some laundry, just in time to catch a glimpse of the VMA recap in all its Miley-Cyrus-has-lost-her-mind-and-her-clothes glory.

What in the world is happening today?  Was there some super moon that left all of us crazy overnight????  Did I miss something here???

Mondays have a tendency to be like this sometimes, don't they?  It seems like every week I lay my head down to rest on Sunday night with hope and expectation to waking up to a new start, a refreshed week ahead, and some magical energy that will catapult me through to a greater degree than the week before. And just as I get giddy with the anticipation of a fresh new week ahead, I wake up to total and utter chaos!

Do you ever want to just hit the "reset button", go back to bed, and try to start the day over?  [deep sigh]  Mornings like this remind me how quickly things can spin out of control.  Within minutes, I can go from a deep sleep to wrestling messy, screaming toddlers.  And yet, as we all hang on by the skin of our teeth and sip that cup of coffee, peace will find us again (eventually).

Mornings like these, I'm reminded how much I need to incorporate Jesus into my everyday life - right here, right in the thick of the stinky, loud, dirty-laundry-laden disaster that it may be.  Remember how I gave you a "SNEAK PEEK" into one of the items that I'm including in the Share & Care Contest prize package???  Well, today I'm going to share with you just how awesome it the daily devotional Jesus Calling it can sometimes creep me out just how awesomely accurate it is in giving me the nugget of truth that I need for the day.

Example? Here's today's devo:

August 26Trust Me in the midst of a messy day.  Your inner calm - your Peace in My Presence - need not be shaken by what is going on around you.  Though you live in this temporal world, your innermost being is rooted and grounded in eternity.  When you start feeling stressed, detach yourself from the disturbances around you.  Instead of desperately striving to maintain order and control in your little world, relax and remember that circumstances cannot touch My Peace.Seek My Face, and I will share My mind with you, opening your eyes to see things from My perspective.  Do not let your heart be troubled, and do not be afraid.  The Peace I give is sufficient for you. John 16:33; Psalm 105:4; John 14:27

I don't know about you, but that is exactly what I needed to reset my day.  Now, let's have one more cup of coffee together and pretend the sun has just come up!  Happy Monday.


  1. This was pretty much my exact morning. Including Jesus Calling! Even the poop explosion. toilet almost overflowed...which led me to almost tripping over the new puppy-sprinting for the garage to find the plunger-BARELY saving our floors by plunging in the knick of time, lol.

    Life is good. Reset!

  2. I feel like it comes in phases. Sometimes (like that toddler stage when they wake up at 4:30 every morning) every day starts with chaos. And then sometimes we get into a good groove. I've been known to yell "The animals have all gone mad!!" (from Finding Nemo) in those moments. It makes me laugh, at least. =)


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