Thursday, August 29, 2013

This morning, almost as soon as my two toddler daughters woke with squeals and giggles, they rushed downstairs to jump into the day like a soldier parachuting into battle.  They are the very definition of gung-ho and it was no surprise to me when (a full five minutes into starting the day) they charged the "art drawers" and yanked out paper and markers.

As my coffee was brewing and I was still rubbing the sleep out of my face (yes, my whole face, not just my eyes) I look over to see my youngest already liberally inking herself silly.  Green knees, blue hands, and several un-capped markers surround her.  Par for the course around here.

As I brought out the wipes and reprimanded her creativity, I tried to lure her toward the crayons.  But, no.  She was not having that.  Both girls wanted MARKERS.  They are brighter, they are striking, and they are far more risky than those lousy old crayons, right?  One can understand the appeal to the toddling mind, anyhow.

It occurred to me (in this awkward moment of arts and crafts segregation) that people are like this:  there are crayons, and there are markers. 

Crayons are safe.  Crayons are lovely, but they only get so bright, no matter how many times they go over the same line.  Crayons don't even need caps, because they don't leave a mark if they just stay put where they are.

Then, there are markers.  Markers (for all intents and purposes) MARK.  No matter where they are, you un-cap them and they will leave a dot, a line, or blotch that clearly stains where they have been. Markers are bold!  They define exactly where they're used and there's no question that they are a marker - and not a crayon.

When it comes to your faith - are you a crayon or a marker?  Do you blend in, stay within the lines, play it safe in your little unmarked box? Or do you stand out?  Are you leaving an impression wherever you go?

It's true that markers can get real messy real fast.  Nobody's saying markers don't have to go back and be cleaned up now and then.  But, I'd rather be known as a messy marker - a Jesus-loving sinner - than tucked away as an unused crayon playing it safe.

Un-cap that faith!  Let's mark it up.

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  1. For a first read on Pardymama, this was a great one. It's hard to faith-challenge without being 'preachy', but you do it very easily.
    Although I'm a middle aged single guy,(I never did find her) and never got the chance to rear any children of my own,('though I shared in my older sister's 5 by proxy over the last 27 years), I find that I enjoy very much, reading about raising children now.
    So you're stuck with this new Twitter and blog follower.
    Also, have you read the (hopefully) true adventures of The Honest Toddler dot com?


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