Jesus Year

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welp, TODAY is my birthday!  Yup.  The big 3-3.

As most years, I didn't wake up feeling any older or wiser (when does that start to kick in?)  But, this is year is going to be BUSY, I have no doubt.

I also have no idea what is really in store.  With a new city, new home, new school, new routine, new church, new friends, and new adventures ahead, the bulk of what is to come seems more unknown than ever before.

Turning thirty-three has been coined by many as "the Jesus year" referring to the final, epic year of Jesus' ministry leading up to his crucifixion, when He died at age 33 (resurrected 3 days later, of course).

If you only thought this concept was a Christian thing, you'd be wrong - apparently this is kinda a "known thing" and if you don't believe me, just google it or even check out what urban dictionary says (yeah, you know something is for real if its on there, right?  Haha).

So, evidently this is my Jesus year.  No pressure, right?

I used to think that 33 was old.  You know, like when you're sitting in Sunday school as a child and hearing the Easter story for the zillionth time and somehow it registers in your head that Jesus was about your parents age when he died on the cross.  Older guy.  Wise.  Had life figured out.  Did miracles and saved souls.  Got it.  I will definitely have my life figured out by 33 just like Jesus did.


And suddenly, a few blinks later, and turns out thirty-three is NOT old!  Why didn't anyone ever tell me this?

I don't know why Jesus didn't stay on earth longer than He did.  Why He couldn't have stuck around to be 83 or 103 or 133 is beyond me?  But, to think of Jesus being MY age is a whole new thought.  For the first time ever, the ministering Jesus of the Bible really IS my comrade.  I can look myself in the mirror without excuse.  No more waiting around thinking "yeah, but Jesus blah blah blah and someday I'll get there too".

Well, I'm not ever going to "get there" on my own, but I'm here right now.  I'm here.  I'm 33.  I'm not any more brilliant or brave than I was yesterday, but I'm wholeheartedly devoted to allowing this real, peer-Jesus to take over my life and utilize it for epic ministry for the remainder of my days.

I'm not just 33 today...I'm 33 forever.  Life as epic ministry, let's do this, Jesus.

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  1. You know, I had never heard of the "Jesus Year" before I turned 33--and then I only found out about because my slightly older soon-to-be husband (who was in the know) had a very cautionary tale about it. When he was 33, he told everyone that it was Jesus year, yada yada yada. Then, on his 34th birthday, he started telling everyone he had outlived Jesus. And then, a week later, he ended up in the emergency room with chest pains!

    It ended up being an anxiety attack, but it put an end to his "I outlived Jesus!" talking pretty quickly!


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