MOPS Winner!

Monday, September 9, 2013

I am happy to announce we have a winner of the one year MOPS membership!  Hooray!

Jessica Garcia

Here is the photo with the caption submitted by Jessica:

Haha!  I think this is something ALL of us mamas can relate too, am I right?  Man, how many times am I cringing during the day as I pick off itsy-bitsy pieces of nonsense from the soles of my feet?!?  ARGHH!

Maybe it is a miracle ANY of us have any hair left at all!

I was just telling my husband the other night how I wish God had made toddlers with their own built-in vacuums!  Can you imagine how much easier life would be if toddlers came with one leg as a little "roomba" that just swept up behind them as they waddled around dropping snacks left and right?

Way to go, Jessica!  Thanks for capturing a stressful thought that all of us can empathize with!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a funny caption - it was a blast reading through the hilarious options and difficult to choose only one winner.  Maybe we will have to do this again sometime!

Happy Monday, Mamas!

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