Monday, September 23, 2013

The weather in Nashville has been extraordinary lately.  A cool breeze in the air and the crunch of leaves under my feet is enough to make this Californian happy to be here (that's saying a lot coming from the land of weather-perfection).

With my birthday passed, school in full swing, and pumpkin-products-galore taking over the shelves everywhere I look, there is no question:  FALL is here!

Fall is my favorite.  You'll probably hear me say this at least a dozen times in the next few weeks as this short-lived window of transitional-weather-bliss continues.  I'm so happy to be here in the midst of seasons...something that California offered only to a very limited degree.  I can't wait until the leaves start changing color and I get to very-unscientifically explain to my toddlers the difference between summer (swimsuits and popsicles!) and fall (sweaters and pumpkin scones!)

This is such a unique season of our lives too - in the middle of our own transition, getting into the routine of my being a full-time grad student, starting back into Bible Study and MOPS and making new friends left and right.  Fall always has this nostalgic, in-between quality about it that feels like it is offering up a fresh start, though late in the year, right before the holidays hustle in with its stress and expectations.

What season of change are you in right now?  

Fall always reminds me of the changes and lessons that God has been teaching me all year long (life-long, for that matter) as well.  As I witness the color of His creation turning from green to brown to deep oranges and yellows, I recognize that my insides often feel the same.  I have new growth in my faith, new doubts and questions, and new understandings that enrich my life - I die a little more to myself, only to bring about a greater beauty that reflects His presence in my life.

I hope my life can be like one of those dead leaves, falling from the tree of myself, taking on a new look and a new purpose...nurturing the soil in a way that only I can be used, to present new growth for God's glory.  Nature is showing us all the time various ways to reflect the presence of Christ in our lives.  There are limitless ways God uses His creation to show us new aspects of who He is, and new ways to allow Him into deeper parts of our lives.

How is God using this season to reveal Himself to you?

I love Fall (I warned you I would say this a lot!) But, not just for the pumpkin spice lattes and scent of cloves that fill my home.  I love it because it's the most contemplative of seasons to me, the cool nights that are just right to clear my head and make me nostalgic, and eager with anticipation for the coming busy months ahead until the year's end.

Lord, help me brown, help me orange, help me yellow, and let people see the changes only YOU can bring in my life.  These are natural, beautiful changes that only God can cause.  Such a great reminder that I'm His changing creation as well, just like those falling leaves outside.

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