Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!
Believe it or not, my beloved has to work today. Still, it beats last year's Valentine's Day which we spent in urgent care! Last year I was having excruciating back pain and ended up going to the doctor on Valentine's night, only to end up on the couch that night with a chipotle burrito and a bottle of vicodin...I'm sure this is still better than many others' Valentine's, but not exactly the picture of romance I had hoped for. Last year I would've given anything to have two things: a baby, and good cake.
What I didn't know last year is that my back pain wasn't just my sciatica acting up. It wasn't just that I woke up wrong one morning or didn't "lift with my legs" properly. What I didn't know last Valentine's is that my bones and ligaments were shifting to make room for my wish come true - a baby! (Don't worry, it wasn't many vicodin later that we found out - so the baby was safe and sound the whole time.)
Nine months later, Matilda was born, and now I have a new funny little Valentine to spoil all my own. Since Josh has to work today, we decided to celebrate yesterday by bringing Matilda to see the ocean for the first time. It was a glorious day, the sun was shining brightly and we went to our favorite spot for brunch in Laguna Beach. Apart from Josh getting a mimosa spilled in his lap (and, not like the "oh good catch" kind of spill - no, the like "Sorry I've ruined your pants sir, the mimosas are on the house" kind of spill. Luckily Josh had some swim trunks in the car, so he awkward-outfitted-it the rest of the day) we couldn't have asked for a more perfect Valentine's.
But, there still was that wish for cake.
Now, I know that a lot of people might say that the best cake they ever tasted was their wedding cake. Well, they are probably lying. I've been to a lot of weddings, and while the cake might be the most beautiful cake they've ever seen, it is rarely the best cake they've ever tasted - unless it was our wedding cake. No kidding, I mean, our cake was lovely and everything - but it was absolutely the BEST tasting cake I've ever had. Ever. (And I love cake, I should know.)
So, Josh called Angelo's & Vinci's where we held our wedding reception and asked the events coordinator if we could order some sample cakes that were the same as our wedding cake (chocolate with raspberry and white with buttercream, both topped in white chocolate ganache) and VOILA! Best. Cake. Ever.
The cake is from this little bakery in Duarte, Federico's. So, now I'm pretty much looking for any excuse I can to order a giant cake from this place. Lucky for me, this is a big cake-filled 30th is in Sept, Matilda's 1st birthday next, maybe I won't have to even wait another year to devour my next Federico's concoction.
Sweet. Baby. Cakes. What a grand, if only my Valentine could come home early. At least I know what to wish for next year. :)

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