Look Ma, BOTH Hands!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parenthood can bring out the best in you (I can sustain life on zero sleep!) and the worst in you (I haven't showered in three days!) but it can also bring out new talents you never knew you had! For instance - turns out I (along with most mothers, I'd imagine) am now ambidextrous!
That's right. To think this whole time I thought my left hand was there for shear decoration, a mere wedding ring holder. No more!
With baby in tow, I've mastered the art of left-handed-tasks. Sure, I could wait for the baby to be napping. I could wrap the Moby around me and use both hands. But, sometimes you just have to make that peanut butter and jelly sandwich right then! Sometimes one arm has gone completely numb from holding your gigantababy too long and you have to fold that laundry before daddy gets home.
Now, maybe I won't be writing any novels by long(left)hand any time soon...but, still, it is yet another discovery of how wondrous God has made the mother's body. Sure, you always hear about the superstars of motherhood: the freakishly expanding and contracting belly, the marvel of the breasts to nourish another human...but no one ever told me my left hand would become the useful wonderclaw that parenthood has evolved it into. This must be the power source behind the multi-tasking machine that is "mommy". Now, with both hands, I can take on the world one diaper change at a time...that is, at least until daddy gets home. Afterall, four hands are better than two.

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  1. Hey, Emily! I saw on facebook this morning that you have a blog! I enjoy keeping up with people via blogs! I have one myself. I haven't posted very regularly lately but hope to get back to it soon.


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