Monday, February 15, 2010

When we were hoping to get pregnant last year, it seemed like everyone else in the world was pregnant. When I finally was pregnant, it seemed like everyone else in the world was pregnant. But, when I had the baby, I guess I just assumed my pregnancy goggles would turn into stroller radar (which it has) thinking that everyone must've had their babies when I had mine. Nope, turns out everyone in the world is still pregnant!
Okay, not everyone, that would be lifetime-movie-meets-sci-fi weird. But, seriously, I still have a lot of friends who are pregnant right now! I think it's official - we are in the breeding season of life.
A few years ago, it was all about weddings. Josh was a groomsman in too many weddings to count, and it seemed like every weekend in the summer I was checking out someone else's Target registry for wedding gifts. Talk was all about bridal colors and silk versus real flowers, etc. We exchanged names of photographers and caterers and tips on saving money on the honeymoon.
We still have friends tying the knot, but it is sounding more and more like a foreign language to me. In fact, when I recount our wedding details to our newly-to-be-nuptialed friends I think in the back of my head "Is this even cool anymore?" and our wedding was only a few years ago!
Now, we are full-fledged in parenthood talk. And there are two different degrees to it; there is the "pregnancy" talk, then there is the "baby" talk.
When I was expecting, I was the expert on labor, delivery, and everything leading up to that glorious point. I knew exactly what was happening in my belly at every moment and was reminded with every punch or kick that this was a magical, short-lived season. Pregnancy is probably one of the strangest and loveliest times in a woman's life (some more lovely than others, perhaps), and not even lasting a year and maybe only a few times in her lifetime. Keeping that in mind helped me cherish every second.
Then, once the baby has arrived, you automatically graduate up to "baby talk". No, not the "goo goo ga ga" kind...the adult "what the heck do we do with this thing now?" kind.
You don't think it will happen to you - but, if you ever bring home a baby, I guarantee it will. "Poopy" is now completely acceptable dinnertime discussion. How outrageously priced diapers are will continue to surprise you week after week as you balance your checkbook. And the microwave will become your new best friend as you grow to appreciate the gourmet of reheating every meal.
The wonderful thing about parenthood talk - different than the fleeting seasons of weddings and pregnancy - is that it never ends. Sometimes you will groan this to yourself, under your breath after a long day "It NEVER ends!" but most of the time you will sigh it with contentment as you gaze at the amazing creature you helped bring into the world as you make it through, day after day. You'll realize that already the days are passing to quickly to keep up with how fast she is changing. Take it in. Take a deep breath. Remember this moment. And it will never end.
I'm excited to see how this parenthood talk will change through the years. From diapers to daycare now and onto dating and driver's licenses later. Scary. I'm just glad God gives us friends and family who've survived the chore before us to help us along the way.
And to all my pregnant friends out there - welcome aboard! It's a marvelous adventure to transition from contractions to changing tables, from naming to nursing (sorry, couldn't help myself) and (last one, I promise) from stirrups to strollers. Maybe if we all stick together we might just make it to "retirement talk". We'll see.

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  1. Oooh, boy!! When you put it that way, it sounds like quite a ride. Now pardon me while I munch on my salty crackers. ;o)


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