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Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm all for a good football game, but wasn't especially stoked for the Superbowl this year. No offense to the fans out there, but NFL football just isn't my game. College football is a little better, but I tend to be one of those sports fans that would love a live game, but not turn on the tv to keep up with it. Of course, the game would've been a little bit more enjoyable if I didn't have to stop and explain the game of football to Matilda at every down. (She just can't get it. I fear she will follow in her mother's cheerleading footsteps.)
In general, the Pardys are just not big on sports...that is, unless it is the Olympics (yay, just a few days away!) or college basketball (Rock Chalk Jayhawk, go KU).
So, it was simple logic that led me to root for the Saints yesterday: Fleur de Lis are prettier than Horseshoes. C'mon, I wasn't the only one out there with this logic! I'll admit, my family has always tended to root for the underdog whenever there were no previously defined loyalties to one of the teams.
So, yay for the Saints - congrats! Now we can all say "who dat" for one whole day without people being offended or feeling made fun of. Then, there is the most important reason people watch the Superbowl (no, not the halftime show) THE COMMERCIALS!
I watched some of them live, and looked up many more online. To be honest, we had a party yesterday, but it wasn't a Superbowl party - it was a belated LOST party. Still, we caught the game before we jumped into the time-warping, mind-bombing chaos that is LOST.
So, here's my take on the commercials...
Shout out of congrats to some fellow alumni and friends who won one of the Dorito's commercial spots. It's a pretty funny commercial and I hope it brings them much success in the future!
I totally admit I enjoyed the fiddling Beaver for the monster.com commercial. Cute, original, funny - that's pretty much all I want out of a commercial.
The Tim Tebow commercial for Focus on the Family was cute - but, unfortunately it followed the much funnier Betty White commercial that pulled off the same punchline (pun intended) with a bit more gusto. (Though I had to make myself remember it was for Snickers and not Bud Light).
The Late Night ad was also a clever and a very timely little piece. It definitely got our attention with the latest controversy surrounding the Leno/Conan fiasco.
And, as I twittered - the funniest commercial of the night had to be the Prince of Persia trailer. Ouch. Sorry, Jake Gyllenhaal - but, seriously? Who told him that hair looked good? Who told him that hair would magically turn him into a Persian Prince? Let's get the whitest, blue-eyed American boy and beef him up and slap some hair and eyeliner on him...insta-Persian!

Not a total surprise, most of the commercials were for men. Ironically enough, most of the commercials made men look stupid and irresponsible. Oh, America. I hope we can represent ourselves a little better to the rest of the world when the Olympics are here!

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