The Olympics, eh?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics are here! Josh and I took a short day-trip to Vancouver about a year and a half ago, and were blown away at how the "city of glass" was already prepared for hosting the games. Now, the games are here and underway, giving excuse to every American to sport their red, white, and blue proudly for the next several days.
The Opening Ceremonies were watched on Friday night with much anticipation. After the awe and wonder of the Beijing Opening Ceremonies, the show-stopping bar was raised to new heights. What did you think? Did Canada pull it off?
It was an amazing show. But, in my opinion, I don't know how it could compete. The Vancouver ceremonies cost nearly $30 million while the Beijing ceremonies rang up a bill of over $300 million. Good grief. When I heard that stat during the Vancouver commentary, I wondered if James Cameron is already planning the 2020 Olympic Ceremonies, no doubt featuring our own personal avatars on another planet by then (I mean, won't human flying to other planets be a sport by then?)
Still, there were many beautiful moments and the Canucks left us anything but disappointed. Good job, eh? :)
Not only did the Canadians usher in the new Olympic Games, but as hosts they offer something much greater - something incredible that I believe could truly unite the globe: Canadian jokes.

Therefore, I give you...

The Top Five Reasons Canada Wanted to Host the Olympic Games
5. They've molded the medals into the shape of a Maple Leaf
4. They're hoping EH will catch on as the next big text craze, like LOL or OMG
3. They're making all the judges dress up like Mounties
2. Bryan Adams asked them to
1. Just another excuse to wear the Canadian Tuxedo

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